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Message posted by Clark on August-19-2010 at 12:32 - IP Logged
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I've recently bought myself a cigar holder, I really like it...Instead of carrying an ashtray with me, I can always take this portable holder and smoke my cigar without thinking of where to put my cigar...
I've read that women like this device more than men. Is it true? Have you ever had one?

Message posted by Ernesto on August-19-2010 at 14:44 - IP Logged
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I acquired one last year. It's very useful indeed, I always take it with me for outdoor activities.
There are various types of cigar holders. The ones that are embedded into the ground, those attached to trees, slats, etc. , and those attached to bags. Mine is first type. Which is your?

Message posted by Penelopa on August-20-2010 at 11:32 - IP Logged
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I never used them before but I've heard from my friends that this is an useful device indeed. So I'm thinking of buying myself one because it's always a problem for me to find an astray around when I'm smoking

Message posted by Hannah on August-22-2010 at 18:27 - IP Logged
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I don't have one right now but would definitely consider it in the future. Last christmas I bought one for my father with a golf theme. Maybe you know the type I mean, the cigar sits inside a golf ball shape holder. He loves it to bits.

Message posted by showman on August-25-2010 at 22:10 - IP Logged
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For those who do not have one yet, I would really suggest you get one. You do not realize how nice they are to have until you get one. They have all kinds of styles and colors.

Message posted by b0bby on December-13-2013 at 07:03 - IP Logged
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Well, the only time when I need a holder is if I smoke a cigar outdoors and I am having a very hot conversation with a friend.

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